The Quickest Way To Swim Faster Butterfly, Backstroke And Breaststroke

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Take a look inside the battle-tested methods Australia's Olympic swimmers are using to:

  • Compete in races and ‘stick it’ to the top contenders
  • Shock mates with quicker times and faster speed
  • Improve form stroke technique and glide powerfully through the water

Dear swimmer,

I’m going to be honest with you.

I’ve never competed at the Olympics games. I’ve never even come close to making the team…not even as a coach.

Why do I think I can help you swim faster? You’ll soon find out.

I am friends with a number of Australian Olympic swimmers and coaches. I’ve trained with them…ate with them. I’ve even lived with one for a year (and they are just as messy as you and I!). More on that later…

I’ve learned one thing from my time with them.

They are normal people.

If you do the same things as they do…you can get the same results as they do.

I’m not promising you’ll become the next Michael Phelps (let’s face it, he’s a freak!). But I do promise you that you can become more competitive in the water…if you do the right things.

“Olympic Athletes Are No Different To You And I”

As a kid I was told that drills were the best way to improve your technique…and swim quicker times. After more than 8,112 hours of testing other methods, I haven’t found a better to improve your stroke.

In 15 years I’ve come across hundreds of drills. Some of them worked, others failed miserably.

It came down to 36 drills that make the difference between being an average swimmer and a great swimmer.

Do the drills in the right order and you’ll improve.

We’ve proved it with our ‘Mastering Freestyle’ program (which has helped over 300 swimmers and triathletes to date). Going through a series of drills in the right order is the quickest way to get better.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with you becoming quicker in the pool…isn’t the whole ‘swimming is easy’ concept is a load of BS anyway?

I remember looking online for hours for a single piece of advice that could improve my speed by half a second.

I was wasting my time.

Effortless swimming doesn’t happen because of one piece of advice. It’s a process.

We documented the process we’ve used to train National and World Master’s record breakers.

Have you been frustrated when your times get slower in training…even when you’re training like an animal? Sweat pouring down your face, panting like race greyhound. You work your butt off, but the results just aren’t showing.

“Except for one thing….they know inside secrets”

Let’s be honest. You will have off days. Not every session will be your best. But if you feel like you’re having more off days than on days…it might be time to change what you’re doing.

I’ve been gathering the best information that I could find over the last 15 years that would help swimmers improve. Until now I’d only ever taught it to the Master’s swimmers that I coach. We’ve used them to break National and World Master’s records.

All the information that I’ve picked up from Olympic athletes and coaches has been put into Effortless Form. This is why it’s a step by step guide to swimming backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

You don’t need to spend 8,112 hours learning this. You don’t need to listen hours of technical drivel and no airy-fairy concepts to test out.

This is information that you can actually use!

“Easy To Learn. Fast Results”

We surveyed a group of our swimmers on how they prefer to learn. The results were clear.

“Show us footage of a swimmer in the pool and have a coach explaining things out of the water.”

We made sure to combine both methods in this program. It’s also in High Definition for crystal clear instructions. If you’re more of a reading person, we also provide a digital book of every drill and technique.

The programs are explained step by step in module format.

We’re not going to hit you over the head with a book and ask you to remember everything at once. That’s not how we learn, so why should we expect you to?

Imagine how it would feel to swim faster times and smash your mates when you compete. You effortlessly glide up and down the pool.

“You Won’t Want Your Mates Using These Drills”

Your friend John is next to you …thrashing his arms about…wondering why the hell he’s getting overtaken.

How would it feel cruising past the swimmer in the lane next to you?

Other swimmers know when a good swimmer is in the water. They can tell by the confidence you carry yourself with. Your smooth technique. Your effortless speed.

If you found a way to become this guy you would, right?

I’ve spent over $20,000 on competitions, courses, and travelling to learn this stuff. I don’t expect you to pay even half of that (you don’t need to spend 15 years learning this stuff either).

Today you can master all three form strokes for under a hundred dollars. I’ve seen people pay up $300 for a few stroke corrections lessons and come out the other side swimming slower!

I know Effortless Form works, which is why I’ve tested it myself and with other swimmers. I’m so certain you will learn at least one new thing to make you swim faster, that if you don’t I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Effortless Form cover

“Guaranteed To Make You Quicker”

Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have 365 days to test it out. One whole year to implement what you learn from the program. Simply send me an email through our support desk if for any reason you don’t improve and we’ll refund your money in full. There is a catch though.

You must try what we teach in the program!

Today you can grab a copy of Effortless Form for only $97.

I hope you decide to join me.

Fill out your name and email address and click the orange button below. You can pay with Paypal using a credit card or bank account. Get started below now.

  • 13 Online Video Modules – Step-By-Step High Definition Videos
  • 3 Comprehensive E-Books Packed With Pictures & Detailed Explanations
  • 3 Single Page Drill Cards To Take To The Pool With You
  • BONUS – 2 Months Free Access To SwimDomination  (Normally $54)
You get access to all of this plus much more inside the Effortless Form membership! Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below for immediate access!

Total value $195 Today only $97!

Or purchase them separately:

Backstroke ($47) | Breaststroke ($47) | Butterfly ($47)

As you’ve seen, fast backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly technique isn’t reserved for a ‘special few’. Now you too can swim with graceful technique that glides past competitors with little effort.

Now’s the time to take advantage and to start swimming with Olympic level technique so swimming is easy, fun and best of all…you’ll be the expert at it.

When your friends talk about swimming, you’ll be the one they go to. You can keep the source of your amazing technique a secret if you choose!

If you’re ready to feel and look like an Olympian in the water, click the ‘Add To Cart’ button above and fill in your details on the next page.

Best Regards,


Brenton Ford
Head Coach
Effortless Swimming

P.S - If you’ve been looking for a way to swim fast, smooth butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke this program is for you.

P.P.S- You could have access to these technique-changing videos in under 5 minutes if you act fast. Imagine sitting where you are now, seeing exactly what you need to do to swim easy, fast form stroke.

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