How To Swim Smooth And Relaxed Butterfly With Speed Even If You've Never Found Your Rhythm Before

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Take a look inside the battle-tested butterfly program that:

  • Gives you the edge in races so you can ’stick it’ to the top contenders
  • Will shock your friends with quicker times and faster speed
  • Improve butterfly technique and glide powerfully through the water

Have you ever wondered why are some people are fast butterflies, and you’re not?

Well, so did I.

If you found out what the top swimmers and coaches know about butterfly, you’d realise they’re doing things differently than you.

It’s not the types of swimsuits they’re wearing.

Top swimmers can swim long, elegant butterfly in any kind of swimsuit.

Back in the 1980′s before coaches had learned that training wasn’t just about the distance, the Olympic butterfliers were doing 10km main sets of butterfly…and it’s not because they’re 10 times fitter than you.

I’m about reveal why most swimmers fear butterfly, and what swimmers from around the world are doing to overcome that fear and swim smooth, rhythmic butterfly that’s fast and competitive.

So who does this work for?

  • Competitive swimmers looking for an edge
  • Triathletes wanting to cross train with other strokes
  • Casual lap swimmers
  • Masters swimmers
  • Parents of young swimmers

Other programs out there only tell you what you need to do. Effortless butterfly teaches you from the start, so no matter what level you’re at you will learn to swim smooth butterfly.

You will learn through different drills and exercises so you will feel the difference.

How will it feel cruising past your friends with a long and relaxed fly…as they are left wondering how you make it look so easy.

You Can Swim Faster Butterfly In Just 20 Minutes.

Forget waiting for years to become a good swimmer.

Using just a handful of these drills you can drop seconds from your 50 fly.

Out of the 100′s of drills out there, these are the ones which were found to make the biggest difference.

Do you want become a butterflier that people that other swimmers aspire to swim like?

The solutions not to bury your head in the sand and ignore your technique…there’s is an easy way to learn butterfly.

Have you ever received high level butterfly coaching and instruction?

If you haven’t, you might be surprised at the results you will get.

High Level Coaching Gets Results Fast

Have you put yourself through hard training and not seen the results you would like?

What would it be worth to you to finally see the results you deserve?

You might feel like you weren’t meant to be a fast butterflier.

You might think your too old, too small, too big or the wrong body type to ever swim smoothly.

You might even have been told that by a fellow swimmer or even coach.

It’s not your fault what others say or think.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 65 years old and haven’t swum 50 butterfly before or if your 30 kg’s heavier than you’d like, there are people out there who have it harder than you that are good butterfly.

It all comes down to the decisions you make.

Now I’m no super coach, and I can’t turn you into the next Michael Phelps (let’s face it he’s a freak!), I’m just a guy who stumbled across the solution to becoming a good butterfly swimmer, and I’m now sharing it with you.

These drills are used by elite swimmers for a reason.

If Elite Swimmers Are Doing This, Why Aren’t You?

They’re used by swimmers like Lisandra, a master’s swimmers I coach who has broken the 100 and 200 butterfly national record for her age group.

And she’s still getting quicker.

They’re used by Australian National medalist Sam Ashby, who is close to making the Olympic team.

This program is available for less than a tank fuel, which you would normally spend driving to the pool and training your heart out but not achieving the results you’d like.

Isn’t it time you invested a little into learning how to swim properly?

The program is in high definition so you can see exactly how to swim, and you will get access to the program as soon as you purchase, because its digital and delivered right to your inbox.

By not investing, it’s just like a surgeon not attending school and hoping he makes the right incision on the day.

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

You can try the program risk free with a 100% money back guarantee.

All you need is a computer to watch the videos, a swimming pool to swim in and yourself.

Save time and energy today by learning Effortless Butterfly today.

Effortless Form cover

“Guaranteed To Make You Quicker”

Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have 365 days to test it out. One whole year to implement what you learn from the program. Simply send me an email through our support desk if for any reason you don’t improve and we’ll refund your money in full. There is a catch though…you must try what we teach in the program!

Today you can grab a copy of Effortless Butterfly for only $47.

I hope you decide to join me.

Fill out your name and email address and click the orange button below. You can pay with Paypal using a credit card or bank account. Get started below now.

  • 5 Video Modules – Step-By-Step High Definition Videos
  • Comprehensive E-Book - Packed With Pictures & Detailed Explanations
  • Butterfly Drill Card - Take It To The Pool With You For Easy Reference
  • BONUS – 2 Months Free Access To SwimDomination  (Normally $54)
You get access to all of this plus much more inside the Effortless Butterfly membership! Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below for instant access!
Regular Price $97! Today only $47

As you’ve seen, great butterfly technique isn’t reserved for a ‘special few’. Now you too can swim with graceful technique that glides past competitors with little effort.

Now’s the time to take advantage and to start swimming with Olympic level technique so swimming is easy, fun and best of all…you’ll be the expert at it.

When your friends talk about swimming, you’ll be the one they go to. You can keep the source of your amazing technique a secret if you choose!

If you’re ready to feel and look like an Olympian in the water, click the ‘Add To Cart’ button above and fill in your details on the next page.

Best Regards,


Brenton Ford
Head Coach
Effortless Swimming

P.S - If you’ve been looking for a way to swim fast, smooth butterfly this program is for you.

P.P.S- You could have access to these technique-changing videos in under 5 minutes if you act fast. Imagine sitting where you are now, seeing exactly what you need to do to swim fast butterfly.

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